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D & L’s Enchanting Wedding at the International Suite, Westin Bayshore Vancouver

The International Suite at Westin Bayshore witnessed a breathtaking transformation when D & L exchanged vows in a ceremony that seamlessly transitioned into a joyous reception. As their trusted day-of coordinator and decor specialist, Key Events and Weddings orchestrated every detail to perfection, ensuring a magical and unforgettable celebration.

The Stunning Patio Setup

The ceremony and reception both took place on the patio, presenting our team with the unique challenge of creating a seamless transition between the two event spaces. To achieve this, we devised a creative solution: a secret tunnel to transport the decor discreetly.

Guests gathered on the patio for the ceremony, then moved inside the suite for cocktail hour. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we reorganized the living room, transforming it into a photo wall adorned with elegant cocktail tables. As the drapes to the patio were closed, our team swiftly snuck all the reception decor behind the photo wall and out to the patio, ensuring a surprise reveal when the drapes reopened. The result was an entirely new and enchanting space that left guests in awe.

Fresh Florals and Fun Vibes

D & L’s vision included an abundance of mini vases, inspiring us to don our florist hats and create stunning arrangements on-site. This ensured that the flowers were as fresh as possible, adding to the beauty and vibrancy of the occasion.

Joyful Moments and Furry Friends

D & L’s infectious energy and playful spirit added an extra layer of joy to the celebration. Their fun-loving nature, combined with the adorable presence of their dog Kimchi, created countless heartwarming moments throughout the day.

Capturing Memories

The love and laughter shared by D & L and their guests were beautifully captured by our team, ensuring that every precious moment was preserved for eternity.

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Venue: International Suite – Westin Bayshore
Photographer/Videographer: Farawayland Weddings
Officiant: James Ng
Florals: Proline Floral International
Decor and Chairs: Key Events and Weddings