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S & J’s Enchanting Vancouver Wedding: A Diamond Package Experience at the Marine Room, Westin Bayshore

When S & J decided to tie the knot at the stunning Marine Room of the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver last September, they knew they needed a professional wedding planner to bring their vision to life. Busy with their own schedules, they opted for our Diamond Package – a full-service option designed for couples who want a seamless and stress-free wedding experience.

A Trusting Partnership

From the get-go, S & J placed their trust in our expert wedding planner, Lucy Chan. They provided just one decor inspiration photo, and from there, Lucy worked her magic to create an awe-inspiring wedding design. The transformation was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing why Lucy is renowned for her skills in wedding decorations and design.

The Grand Flip: Ceremony to Reception

One of the unique challenges of this wedding was the room flip. With only one hour to transition the Marine Room from the ceremony setup to a reception-ready space, our team had to work efficiently and flawlessly. Over 100 vases and 100 candles were placed to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere. However, the sheer number of candles led to an unexpected and memorable moment – the room became too smoky during dinner, setting off the fire alarm! It was a humorous hiccup that added to the charm of the evening and a valuable lesson learned for future events.

A Seamless and Stunning Celebration

Despite this small mishap, S & J’s wedding was a dream come true. Their unwavering trust in Lucy allowed her to take the lead and infuse her expertise into every detail, resulting in a day that was as beautiful as it was unforgettable. S & J were a joy to work with, their kindness and trust making the planning process smooth and enjoyable.

Capturing the Moments

The magical moments of S & J’s wedding were beautifully captured by Daniela Cuiffa. Her photography perfectly encapsulated the love and joy of the day, ensuring that these memories will be cherished forever.

For couples planning their wedding in Vancouver, the experience of S & J highlights the value of hiring a skilled wedding planner and the impact of thoughtful wedding decorations and design. If you’re looking for a seamless, beautifully executed wedding, our team at Key Events and Weddings is here to make your dream day a reality.

Photography by Daniela Cuiffa @daniela_ciuffaphotography

Whether you're planning a small intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our Diamond Package offers comprehensive services to ensure every detail is perfect. Contact us today to start planning your Vancouver wedding!

Venue: Marine Room – Westin Bayshore
Photography: Cuiffa Photography
Officiant: Lindsay Macdonald – Vancouver Officiant
Furniture Rental and Boutonnieres: Proline International
Violinist: Tom Su
DJ: Aaron Viscarra
Cake: LuxCakeCo
Florals: Proline International
Design and Decor: Key Events and Weddings